Queer Trans Youth Collaborative

The Queer and Trans Youth Collaborative is a working group comprised of many organizations in Hamilton that serve youth and want to ensure that their workplaces are safe and affirming for young LGBTQ2S+ people. As a group we come together to share information, discuss ongoing concerns, and work together to build solutions to the gaps in service that LGBTQ2S+ youth face.

Our Project Coordinator is available for consultation on projects, to provide informal talks, or to create structured training based on your organizations needs.

Capacity Building Training:

We offer capacity building trainings for any agency that comes into contact with youth, up to age 29.

Step One: Complete the assessment for your agency.

Step Two: The Project Coordinator will analyze your assessment and create a tailored training to address your unique needs

Step Three: Based on the assessment, recommendations for next steps will be compiled. A follow-up will occur a few months later to answer any questions, provide consultation, and to assess how well the training met your needs.

For more information, to book a training, or to join the QTYC, please email Suzanne Todd-Kane at qtycpc@aidsnetwork.ca