The Van / Community Points


The VAN is a confidential service provided in partnership with Hamilton Public Health Services that travels anywhere in Hamilton and is available at a requested meeting spot.

A mobile van will deliver new needles and harm reduction supplies to you upon request. Some of the supplies available on The VAN are:

  • Condoms
  • Lube
  • Safe piercing kits
  • Cookers/spoons
  • 10 packs of 1cc syringes
  • 2 hit kits
  • Ties
  • 10 packs of 28g
  • 10 packs of 26.5g
  • 3ml syringes
  • 1cc syringes
  • Needle tips of different sizes
  • Alcohol swabs/prep pads
  • Sterile water
  • Sharps containers
  • Educational pamphlets and information on things such as vein care, safer injection information, coping with triggers, etc.

The Van

Other van services include

  • Information about safe injection
  • Referral cards for multiple services in the community including addiction counselling and detox
  • Everyone is encouraged to return used needles


The VAN has collaborative partnerships with community agencies such as:

The AIDS Network: Harm Reduction Team, Van Volunteers
Elizabeth Fry Society outreach staff
Harm Reduction Worker from PHS Mental Health Program
Public Health Nurses

To contact the Van, please call: 905-317-9966. You may call or text and we will contact you to make arrangements to meet with you.

Operates: 7 days a week (Monday-Sunday), 7pm – 11pm (excluding statutory holidays)


For safe disposal of sharps and other harm reduction supplies found in public locations or private property, please call our Community Points program at 905-546-2489