Open Letter from The AIDS Network to the Mayor's Office: City of Hamilton

Wednesday, July 03, 2019

The AIDS Network appreciates the invitation from the Mayor’s Office to meet with Mayor Fred Eisenberger, presumably to discuss moving forward in the community in the aftermath of the violence that took place in Gage Park for Pride Hamilton 2019.


We would prefer this meeting be held in an open, public and transparent manner with a list of attendees, a stated purpose for the meeting and an agenda. To our knowledge, this has not occurred to date.


Our Executive Director has already attended a community consultation with the Two Spirit and LGBTQIA+ Advisory Committee for the City of Hamilton at their invitation. In our public statement after the Gage Park incident, we have also called for the City of Hamilton to take leadership on this matter, beginning with taking any steps necessary to end hateful demonstrations being permitted on City property. We also call on all elected officials and community leaders to denounce groups that perpetuate hate. 


We hope that an open meeting along with other representatives of the community and service providers is called by the Mayor, with the objective to continue the dialogue and next steps to begin healing in the community. We look forward to participating in such a meeting, and confirm our commitment to make Hamilton a city that is truly for all.




Toni Hammond-Grant                                 Tim McClemont

President                                                     Executive Director